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The new year sees loads happening on the DMS front. With the carbon wrap taking precendence, we’ll be pushing this mad technology out into the world with full gusto! Keep an eye out in the latest Tracks and Surfing World magazines for our latest ads.

If you get a shot of yourself or a mate on the DMS Carbon Wrap technology make sure you post with


Adam Bennetts made it back to the Gold Coast’s shores after a stint in Hawaii. He’s be kind enough to share his latest mix on sound cloud so for those of you looking for a little boost to push you through the week, go listen to this…

Paradisco Mix – Presented by OTIS Eyewear

Here’s a nice little clip of Maxie Longhurst by Mickey Mason titled Somewhere South just to get you through the first week blues…

Now get out there, get amongst it and keep us posted via our Facebook page all the happenings in the surfing world!